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Somehow, I never got inclined of watching Leonardo Dicaprio flicks after titanic (just b’coz he looked like a mushy-mushy chocolate boy) till I saw Inception. And Inception I had to watch due to being a huge fan of Christopher Nolan for his reputation of his earlier flicks The Dark Knight, and Memento. And then the marathon of deCaprio begun for other of his movies, specially Martin Scorsese‘s movies : Shutter Island, The Departed, and The Aviator.

Must say all of them were fantabulous … excellent scripts, amazing screenplay and direction.

I am yet to see Blood Diamond which i tried watching couple of times but could not, it will fall into the bracket soon, and I already had seen Catch me if you Can last year …

So overall, good diCaprio Year Watch … but lots pending … including … Revolutionary Road, Gangs of New York, Body of Lies …and what else … any more recommendations?

“A bustle in your hedgerow,” the enigmatic line in Led Zep’s “Stairway To Heaven” classic, has mystified music mavens for decades. Hopefully, the following will sprinkle a scintilla of elucidation and edification upon this cryptic conundrum. A hedgerow is a hedge that surrounds many estates in Britain. Bustle, or noise or activity, used in this sense, means a disturbance close to home. Something’s happening in your world! It’s just a spring clean for the May Queen. Spring cleaning is an old domestic ritual cleaning meant to do away with the troubles of the past year and prepare for the coming year, and often includes disposing of old, useless things that have been lying around. The May Queen was a maiden chosen by a village to represent the hopes and potential for the coming year. She was a symbol of beauty, spring and new beginnings. So here, as an analogy, the lyric refers to getting rid of old and outdated systems in order to allow progress to occur.


Randomly Found … it sounds nice …

bumped into this video while searching for Carloz Nuñez, nicely played.

People whom I’ve met who has seen this movie is absolutely in love with this movie. How some perfect people have the most imperfect lives and some imperfect people have the most perfect lives, and how sanity has the blessing of the god, this movie shows just the same. One of the best I’ve seen so far, this movie is simply stunning for its epic like storytelling of a common man and wide spread of almost fairy like life span of Gump mixing with some important events in American history.

Is it compulsory to live? Even when you are caught up with a worst situation in your life? Not very direct but somewhat similar to euthanasia or assisted suicide, this movie breaks away from the conventional thought process of living as a compulsion, and suggests that sometimes when most of the roads are blocked in front of us, there is nothing more righteous than escaping life itself / or rather helping someone do it?

Life comprises of many surprises, one of them is stumbling upon a new friends, may that be unwanted :) … the metador is a very light funny comedy and beautifully executed, its a story of an instance where a guy on a business trip meetup with a hitman randomly over a bar conversation, there onwards.their friendship leads to a change in both their lives …

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